Corporate Events



Vale Sports Arena can be hired for Corporate Events such as
* Receptions
* Product Launches
* Press Conferences
* Office Parties
* Christmas Parties
* Customer Dinner Dances
* Other Events & Activities
* Corporate Charity Events


We can also help with all aspects of Event Management – Production, Programming, Promotion, Catering, Music & Entertainment.

Please note that for all events:

* Capacity – Pele Suite 350 / Arena 2,500

* CCTV is on constant usage at the Vale Sports Arena and external lighting

* Pre-booked guests only to be allowed to attend

* Any external queuing to be managed along the building line near to your entrance

* Guests must be in possession of ID [Photo is best], and ticket confirmation

* Guests are issued with lanyards on arrival

* Security/Stewarding are employed at all events and are visible

* Search regime on arrival. No weapons / glass bottles etc

* Vale Sports Arena notifies local taxi companies to prevent build-up of crowds at conclusion of the events


For more information or to book now, Contact Us.