VSA Partner: Golf Wales

Wales GolfThe mission of Golf Development Wales is to help develop a network of thriving clubs to “secure the future” of Welsh golf and generate opportunities for all to take up and remain within the sport for life.

Golf Development Wales within this strategy focuses its efforts on supporting clubs in adapting and planning for their future to ensure they continue to increase opportunities for all to take up all remain within the sport for life.

Main Objectives (over 3 years)
To assist over 70 clubs in planning for the future
To improve membership rates
To give over 70,000 people the opportunity to take up the game
To provide beginner competitive opportunities
To support, recognise and increase the number of volunteers and coaches

secure_the_future_logoGDW will run schemes under the following banners:

Reaching Out – Enabling partner organisations and clubs to reach the masses.

Schemes include: Dragon Sport Tri-Golf; Golf Xtreme; Golf in the Curriculum, Mass Audience events.

GDW works with a network of clubs to help them thrive and to ultimately become a hub within the community.  We will provide clubs with assistance in: planning and adapting for the future, becoming customer focused and providing opportunities for all to try and remain in the game.

Schemes include: Assisting clubs in planning for the future; Beginner Golfing Schemes; Club Accreditation.

Golf Union of WalesImproving Communication and Awareness – To learn from, communicate with and track beginner and nomadic golfers, as well as providing attractive opportunities to join clubs.
Schemes include: New to Golf Membership; Golf Awareness Week.

Providing Appropriate Competition for Beginners – To provide a national fun competition for beginners, as well as a national skills competition for all to participate and progress.
Schemes include: Welsh Mini Masters; National Skills Challenge.

Supporting and Recognising Volunteers and Coaches – Work with these vital people who are the driving force behind development and provide them with supporting resources, appropriate training and recognition to ensure they develop and feel valued.
Schemes include: Providing Recognition; Coach and Volunteer Education.

Safeguarding – to work with clubs to ensure all golfers, in particular young people, have a safe environment in which they can enjoy and progress within the sport.
Schemes include: Providing advice to clubs; Child Protection Policy, CRB Checks; Safeguarding & Protecting Children Courses.

For further information, see www.golfdevelopmentwales.org


VSA + Golf Wales = A Swinging Success Story!