PG10 Academy


The Vale Sports Arena is proud to host PG10 Academy

The academy is a crucial development tool to help nurture and develop players.

PG10 Academy is run in affiliation with Everton FC Youth Academy providing children and young people with a pathway to professional Premier League Club and opportunities to learn the Everton way like top academy graduates Wayne Rooney and Ross Barkley.

Players are given an opportunity to be coached new skills and techniques by “PG10” UEFA and FA coaches

We run the Development Centre every Monday from 5-8pm at the Vale Sports Arena

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The centres are for primary school children in Year 3, 4 , 5 and 6 and Secondary School Year 7, 8, 9 and 10. The centres focus on developing and increasing the skills of young talented footballers and provide them with a pathway to professional football. Whilst developing a professional attitude towards football whilst training with young players of like ability.

The centres aim to provide the very best in football training as well as a proper infrastructure to look after every player’s educational and welfare needs.

Its main aim will be to protect and nurture each player’s special talents and ensure that talented players are given the very best opportunities and support to reach their full potential, which at the elite end may mean playing top domestic football.

By having the centre in place will raise standards of play and develop the children as they will be competing against quality opposition on a regular basis against Premier league, Football league clubs and county teams. Players will receive quality coaching like other children receive at a professional clubs.

Hundreds of children and young people have moved on to professional clubs such as Aston Villa FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Manchester Utd FC, Swansea FC, Cardiff FC, Birmingham FC and many more in the last 3 seasons to further their career and development as well as gain international honours representing their countries such as Wales and England performing on Sky Sports in the Victory Shield.

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