VSA Partner: Scott Emanuel Strength & Conditioning

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Join Me In-Person!

As a strength and conditioning specialist I base my training methodology around building bodies that both look better and move better. What I achieve with my clients is more than just putting them through a training program, rather, I look to teach you the tools to look after your own training.

For some, this simply means understanding when to go hard, when to back off, what sort of exercises should feature in a program and why and how to progressively overload your body to get fitter, stronger and more athletic.

For the more experienced,  it can mean understanding where their weaknesses lie and what their current training is lacking.

For Most, its about learning the ins and outs of the gym environment, understanding how to exercise appropriately to push them to toward their goals, and understanding how to maintain a healthy body through mobility drills and techniques.

I build bodies that are both show and go. Giving you only what you need, when you need it.


My Credentials and Certifications:

Bachelor of Sciences – Sport and Exercise Science

NSCA (World leading S&C organisation) – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Level 3 Personal Trainer – Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)

Advanced Sport and Exercise Nutrition Advisor – Health Sciences Academy

Kettlebell Certified Instructor – KBT Education


Apply for a spot

I currently have only a few available places for In-person coaching,  if you are interested please apply and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Email me at scott@sestrength.com

For more information, see www.sestrength.com