VSA Partner: The Penarth Practice

The Penarth PracticeThe Penarth Practice is a dedicated team of Clinical Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists registered with the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council), the AfSFH (Association for Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists) and qualified via the NCH (National Council of Hypnotherapists).  We are on the only list of practitioners approved by The BMA (British Medical Association).

We are also DBS / CRB checked and certified to work with children under 16, adults with mental health and learning difficulties, older people and others who may be considered vulnerable.

NHS NICE“Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for Clinical Hypnotherapy than any other Complementary Therapy…By using hypnosis, people can perform prodigious feats of willpower and self-healing!” (The Health Education Authority / NHS NICE)

Gareth Strangemore-Jones and Enfys Jones trained at CPHT (The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training College in Bristol), with the eminent and CNHC Logo Trimmedworld-renowned pioneer of this highly-effective therapy, David Newton, DHP FAPHP MNCH MNCP SHS SQHP Sup Hyp and Susan Rodrigues DHP LHS LNCP MNCH (lic) MAPHP.

The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training College is recognised by the British Government and by national and international academia as the world’s leading-edge training centre of excellence in Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Both Gareth and Enfys have the “Gold Standard” DHP (Diploma in Hypnotherapy Practice as verified by the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) and the esteemed, leading-
edge and evidence and research-based DSFH (Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy)nchlogofrom CPHT.  They both undertake regular Supervision and a range of Career Professional Development courses, which count towards Advanced Qualifications.

Our fields of interest include Neuro Science (the study of the brain), Neuro Plasticity (how we can literally change our minds), Neuro Psychoimmunology (how the mind can affect all aspects of health and be affected by our physical health) and how all this can help Elite Sports Performance.

Breakthrough research is now proving that even with physical ailments, we are less controlled by our DNA Genes
than was once believed.  Consciousness is more of a determining factor and it is Consciousness and our Subconscious programmes that we work with in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Psychotherapy!

The Penarth Practice is proud to partner with Vale Sports Arena and to offer Clinical Hypnotherapy & Solution Focused Psychotherapy for

AfSFH High Res* Sports Performance

* Dance Performance

* Post Injury & Post Operative Recovery

* Stress, Anxiety & Depression (Sport-Related)

* Stress, Anxiety & Depression (General)

* Weight Management

* Obesity / Anorexia / Bulemia / Body Dysmorphic Issues

crb-dbs-1* Smoking Cessation

* Alchohol & Drug Addiction

* Workplace Stress

* Child, Teen & School Issues

* Student & Exam Anxiety

* Many other issues and challenges

For more information and a full list of issues treated, see www.thepenarthpractice.com



The home of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in Penarth!